My Wacky Mom on “Why Low IQ-Men are Better”

Mom: “Low IQ men are better. Much better than high IQ men. If I got married, I’d rather marry a low IQ man. HE WILL OBEY ME. Not a homely one. A good-looking guy.”

Me: “Are you serious?”

Mom: “You don’t know. They obey. They are like puppy dogs.”

Me: “How do you know?”

Mom: “There’s a guy who works at my building. He’s really nice. He has a smartphone. He drives. His wife calls to check up on him. He obeys her. Whatever his wife says, he does.”

Me: “That’s what you want?”

Mom: “Better than some smart lazy bum. He’s hard-working. One time, I gave him $5 for helping me. He really appreciated it even though he can’t write me a thank you note.”

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